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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Equal Opportunity Commentary

Toy daniw, "Agwarsitayo iti Bagas", ni Apo Aurelio S. Agcaoili ti nangabac iti Umuna a Gunggona ti Daniw Iloco iti pasalip
(tay napalabas a Septiembre) nga inisponsor ti Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino. Naipablaac daytoy iti KWF website.

Mapadayawannac a mangipablaac ditoy agsipud ta di mapagriruan nga adda cayatna a sawen ken no ania ti cayatna a sawen.

[No maysaca cadagiti macalagip iti palacapac ti nasapatosan a cabayo a mangguyod iti calesa idi un-unana, nalabit no basaem toy daniw ket "mangegmo" pay ti panagtulatid dagiti pilid a napacalupcopan iti landoc ken ti pannacapalidlid dagiti al-alia/espiritu a mawarsian iti bagas a baac... Natinggaw, Adi.]

Casla "equal opportunity" a comentario daytoy a daniw--malidlidan ti masecnan, di ngamin?

Agwarsitayo iti Bagas

ni Aurelio S. Agcaoili

Agwarsitayo iti bagas, bagas a baak
Pangbugtak kadagiti karkarna ti bislak
Daytay pangitali iti sangasako a ragsak
Sandi dagiti arapaap a mailusaklusak.

Agwarsitayo iti bagas, bagas a baak
Yunatayo dagiti diputado dagiti libak
Dagitay man nakakurbata nga aginsisiglat
Mangumkomision iti kinirog a rigrigat.

Ay, agwarsitayo iti bagas, bagas a baak
Isarunotayo dagiti senador dagiti beklat
Warsiantay ti senador, sapsapuen ti akak
Agas buy-ong a di nagbannog, agas ti kirat.

Ay, agwarsitayo iti bagas, bagas a baak
Iramantay ti palasio dagiti kari ti perdi a pirak
Ti palasio a kasingin dagiti naisalda nga utek
Ti palasio a Malakaniang ti arestado nga agek.

Ay, agwarsitayo iti bagas, bagas a baak,
Pangpadisi amin a mangmangkik, amin a sinalbag
Dagitay man paraimula iti buteng iti bayakabak
Mangibalud iti pagguuray a bendision iti agpatnag.

Ay, agwarsitayo iti bagas, bagas a baak.
Warsi a pangpaksiat kadagiti saraaw ti pinggan
Warsi a pangbuggiaw mannanakaw a kaibaan
Saraaw ken kaibaan, kontra signos ti paggaak.

Ay, agwarsitayo iti bagas, bagas a baak
Nasamay daytoy a pangdalus di ikankano tulag
Nasamay a panagpartuat manen iti baro a biag
Sandi’t inarasdasda nga aldaw a napusaksak.


  • At Thursday, October 12, 2006 3:59:00 PM, Blogger Joe Padre said…

    Dear Ariel,

    I was reading your First Prize winner at the KWF website and shuddered at how the first line was butchered. Belated congratulations just the same!

    My, my, times have changed. Rizal tried so hard to be subtle to mask the political commentary in his writings. Yours went right after the jugular... You're ma man!

    Trivia: did you know that some entrepreneurial types are selling DESIGNER HEART-SHAPED WEDDING RICE on the Internet? Spiel: "Bring back the tradition of wishing wealth to newlyweds by tossing Designer Wedding Rice over the bride and groom. It is true rice which has been re-formed into beautiful tiny hearts. The hearts are flat so the rice won’t roll when stepped on (it’s hard enough walking in those heels!), and it is biodegradable so it will wash away with the next rain!"

    Why is rice thrown at weddings? Couple of theories here but I'm positive your poem's thrust derives from this one: "Perhaps the most curious use of rice in the wedding ceremony, was its use in some cultures not to unite the happy couple, but to feed the uninvited evil spirits who always attended the ceremony. The rationale behind this practice was to ward off evil, as well-fed evil spirits would bring no harm to the blissful couple."

    As I read the poem, I kinda expected it to be an equal opportunity jibe at government: legislative, executive... Where's the judiciary? Do you mean to say the judiciary is really that clean and deserves to escape the meter in the poem?

  • At Thursday, October 12, 2006 4:05:00 PM, Anonymous Ariel Agcaoili said…

    Patgek a Joe,

    The sharp you, as always, like an Ilokano axe!

    You are right about my missing the judiciary but I did not mean to enumerate all those evil spirits but to lump them together forever and ever--and then throw rice at them, the rice that redeems us all.

    Thanks for the compliment. I tried hard--and the struggle continues. One of the sites for struggle now is this hegemony of Tagalog at our expense. No, I can't stand this. Pls guide us what to do w.o dividing our country some more.

    As always, siraraem,



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